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We Strive to Provide the Finest Service Possible to Our Students

Study Wiser Consultant offers comprehensive services for student visas in leading universities and colleges worldwide. We are the starting point for students who dream of studying abroad, assisting them in subject and institution selection, and guiding them to successfully complete their desired study programs. Our commitment lies in ensuring that students receive a valuable, fulfilling, and top-notch education.


Applying for international studies is a significant decision, which is why our counseling services go beyond selecting the appropriate country and university. We also focus on guiding you towards making the right career decision. Our educational counselors take the time to understand your educational background and career objectives, and based on that, they recommend programs in countries and universities that align with your preferences.

Admission Guidance

We pay meticulous attention to your application, emphasizing the key aspects necessary for a well-crafted and error-free presentation. We provide assistance with references and the crucial "Statement of Purpose." Our evaluation of your English proficiency often carries weight with university admission committees, who frequently take our recommendations into consideration. Additionally, we possess a wealth of comprehensive information, prospectuses, brochures, CDs, application forms, and more.

University Selection

The choosing of the university is the most important step in the application process. Based on your exam results, it is completed at least six months before you plan to enrol in your target institutions. We assist you in choosing reputable colleges to apply to, where your prospects of receiving financial aid are also strong, based on our significant expertise in this industry and relationships with our former students at numerous universities across the world.

Visa Application Assistance

We support you throughout the full visa procedure, including application completion, financial statement preparation, interview preparation, and more. We receive constant guidance from the consulates regarding the most recent Visa requirements and guidelines, and we have a success rate of over 90%. All of Study Wiser clients are eligible for free visa assistance for all nations.

Pre- Departure Orientation

To assist you in moving, travelling, and settling abroad, the proper assistance is given before you arrive in the new country of your choosing. Meeting other students and their parents who are going overseas and perhaps to the same university gives you the chance to network. Every student receives a very current and thorough Pre-Departure Brochure in advance of their trip.

Language Test Preparation

The IELTS exam preparation process is one of our specialties at Study Wiser. We provide everything you need, including training from a British Council Certified Trainer and study materials. Therefore, join in Study Wiser IELTS exam preparation programme right now. We also train students for Duolingo, PTE, TOEFL, IELTS UKVI, IELTS Life Skills, and IELTS General Training in addition to IELTS.

Travel Assistance

We handle flight reservations well in advance to provide the best departure dates, routes, and savings. We assist you in choosing the appropriate airlines for extra baggage programmes. Many international airlines have special programmes for students, and our advisers may provide you with information on them.

Post-Departure Support

Even when you travel to a different nation, Study Wiser will continue to support and assist you. We'll help you with things like opening a bank account abroad and enrolling in school.

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