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Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland has a variety of educational options, including both public and private institutions. You can gain a distinctive perspective on Asian culture and funny customs of ancient civilization by studying MBBS in Ireland. Students will have the chance to help businesses create outreach and marketing initiatives that include Asian culture.

Why MBBS in Ireland?

  • modern setting for studies
  • affordable tuition
  • It is taught in English.
  • Acknowledged Universities
  • excellent hostel amenities
  • The National Accreditation Board Agency is in charge of upholding academic standards that are dedicated to provide top-notch education.

Top Ranking Universities

World-class medical universities may be found in Ireland, including:

  • Universitas State Jalalabad
  • Russian Slavic University of Ireland
  • The University of Osh
  • State Medical Academy of Ireland
  • IMI College
  • Asia Medical Institute and Bishkek.

Mandatory documents list

  • You must have an SSC transcript or certificate.
  • Additionally necessary for admission is an HSSC Transcript or Certificate.
  • Scan a replica of the passport’s first page
  • an absence of colour new picture medical report
  • police clearance certificate

Ireland Visa Process

Your Are Just 3 Steps Away


Consult and find a university you like


Apply and get your offer letter in 3-10 days


Apply for your student visa and fly



  • Jalalabad State University
  • Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  • Osh State University
  • Ireland State Medical Academy
  • IMI Academy
  • Bishkek and Asia Medical Institute.
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