What is IELTS General Training?

IELTS General Training evaluates a person’s ability to use the English language in a practical situation. The activities in the exam are intended to gauge how well the applicant can use English to communicate in both social and professional contexts. Four components make up the test: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Test Format:

The Reading portion of the exam, which lasts 60 minutes, gauges a candidate’s comprehension of a variety of sources, including academic literature. The 60-minute Writing component of the exam evaluates a candidate’s writing skills. Two writing tasks will be assigned to the candidate: Task 1 will involve writing a formal or casual letter, and Task 2 will involve writing an essay on a predetermined topic. The Listening component of the exam, which lasts 40 minutes, evaluates a candidate’s capacity to comprehend spoken English in a professional or casual context. Speaking is a face-to-face test that evaluates a candidate’s general English communication skills. An IELTS examiner who has received training administers the test, which lasts between 11 and 14 minutes.


How to prepare:

Prior to planning, you must be confident of the band score you want to get. If you have that strategy, you can navigate your path more effortlessly. Then you need an instructor who can show you how to improve your weak points. The Study Wiser Group of Companies’ trained staff helps students get ready for the IELTS GT exam. Our course typically lasts for two months, however the time may fluctuate based on how well students perform. There are three more time slots offered for IELTS lessons. We help our students practise with the test format in the classroom. The practise exams are taken from IELTS Cambridge books to guarantee that they follow the same pattern as the real exam.

IELTS General Training vs IELTS Academic?

Consider the key distinctions if you’re undecided whether to take the IELTS General or Academic. You must pass the IELTS General Training exam if you wish to study below the degree level or immigrate to a nation that speaks English. With the exception of the first writing activity on the General Training exam, which includes a letter, and the reading passages, which are shorter but difficult than those on Academic, the test formats for Academic and General are nearly identical.

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