Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of admission requirements that you may need to complete in order to start studying as an international student. Depending on the degree of education you intend to pursue, there are different academic criteria (including proof of English language proficiency) for studying abroad. For instance, before enrolling for a degree, certain programmes will need you to have completed a foundation course. various entry criteria may apply to various institutions and schools. Your eligibility for various programmes will be evaluated with our assistance at Study Wiser, and we’ll also advise you on the courses and places that best suit your needs.

The most significant portion of your study abroad costs will depend on the degree programme and school you choose.

New students may apply for student (F and M) visas up to 120 days before their program’s start date. The duration of your visa appointment varies greatly between nations. Depending on the situation, you can receive it in three days or three months.

As the name suggests, a conditional offer has “conditions.” An unconditional offer letter is similar to an official acceptance letter, however a “conditional” offer signifies that you must meet specific conditions in terms of grades and academic qualifications in order to be admitted to the institution. Since the student complied with the academic standards, it denotes that the institution has accepted them.

Bursaries tend to help students who are in need of money, whereas scholarships are more likely to support students who have excelled academically.

When leaving their comfort zone, many students may experience cultural shock, homesickness or loneliness, problems with their finances, and language obstacles. Consider these problems as opportunities for personal growth, and you’ll find that the advantages of studying abroad much exceed the drawbacks. Studying abroad is a fantastic experience that may change your life, but you need do your homework and make plans before you go. The Study Wiser Group is always here to assist you. Good fortune!

Student flats, residence halls (dorms), and homestays with local families are typically available options.

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