Speaking and listening skills of non-native English speakers who must prove their English language competency for immigration or citizenship purposes are assessed on the IELTS Life Skills exam. The test is divided into two levels: A1 and B1. A1 is used for simple communication, whereas B1 is used for more complex communication. The test consists of two sections: speaking and listening.

Test Format

The Speaking examination, which takes place in person, gauges a candidate’s ability to speak English in a variety of situations. The test, which lasts for around 15 minutes, is given by a certified IELTS examiner. A variety of topics, such as the candidate’s employment, family, home, hobbies, and general interests, will be covered throughout the interview. They will also be asked about their thoughts on a variety of topics. The candidate’s command of a variety of vocabulary, grammatical conventions, and pronunciation will be assessed. The 30-minute Listening exam gauges a candidate’s ability to understand spoken English in a variety of practical situations. There are four sections to the test, and each one becomes harder as it goes along.


How to prepare?

Prior to taking the IELTS Life Skills test, it is essential to practise speaking and listening in English as often as you can. You may do this by conversing with native English speakers, watching English-language films and television programmes, and listening to English-language music and podcasts, to name just a few methods. It also helps to take practise examinations and study sample questions to get a feel for the format of the test. In addition to speaking and listening, practise your fluency and pronunciation. This may be achieved by repeatedly practising the various English pronunciations, as well as the appropriate patterns of emphasis and intonation.

Our course:

Working with a teacher or registering for lessons at an authorised IELTS test centre may be very helpful for exam preparation. For improved outcomes, we thus encourage you to enrol at Study Wiser Group of Companies. During sessions, you will get the ability to practise speaking and listening in a secure environment while also receiving feedback on how well you performed. The sessions will also provide you with practise tests and sample test materials to help you become used to the format of the test.

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